Dr Tourky MRCS-B Course (October&November)

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The course is intended mainly for candidates sitting for their exam in:
  • UK centres 10/2022
  • Chennai 10/2022
  • Oman 11/2022
  • Bahrain 11/2022

Candidates appearing in later exams still can apply to this course if they prefer early preparation.Access to course material will be available for them for one year


  • The course starts on 28/06 and ends on 20/09
  • lectures will be according to the shown schedule(Zoom based) at 7:00 PM UK time
  • Updated teaching according to the 17 station exam format
  • Online mock exams after the end of each chapter with detailed feedback
  • Focused revision at the end of the course with full mock exams
  • MRCS OSCE Revision Guide 6th edition (updated 2022 version)

All the lectures and the study notes including any future updates will be accessible for each candidate during his course subscription period (1 year)