Dr Tourky Hands on Skills Course (Kuala lumpur-January 2023)

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- Demonstration of the key clinical examination tests on simulated patients
- Demonstration of the key procedural skills on special maquettes and maniquins
- Realtime feedback about your performance
- The course will cover the following sections:
Clinical Examination 23-01
All the commonly encountered clinical examination stations will be practiced on actors including Respiratory, CVS, Neurological, Orthopedic,Abdominal and Head and Neck examinations.
Your performance will be assessed against standard chdecklists and a feedback will be given .
Procedural Skill 24-01
The following stations will be demonstrated and pratcticed:
1- Wound suturing
2- Knot tying
3- Airway management
4- Male catheterization
5- Abscess drainage
6- Naevus excision
7- Chest tube insertion
All required tools, maquettes and mannequins will be provided
Course venue